High Quality Ultrapure Pristine Graphene Powder (NG387-0001GP)

/High Quality Ultrapure Pristine Graphene Powder (NG387-0001GP)
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High Quality Ultrapure Pristine Graphene Powder (NG387-0001GP)

NanoGraphene produces ultrapure, unoxidized, high quality, defect-free and highly-ordered

pristine graphene. The product is available in up to five layers. We have opened a scaled-up production facility to supply large industrial customers. We have developed unique and highly sustainable technology to produce high-quality pristine graphene. We produce different flake sizes for various applications, depending upon the customer’s requirements. We provide a Certificate of Analysis and Product Specification Sheet with this product.

Please contact us if the item is not available in our online store and if you wish to explore how you can improve your products with NG-387.

Product Description

Color: Gray-black

Purity: 99.8%

Carbon content: 99.7%

Average particle thickness: 1-3 nm

Average flake size: 1-3 microns

Number of layers: 1-5

Density: 130 Kg/m3

Electrical conductivity: 80,000 S/m

Thermal conductivity: 1500 W/m. K

BET surface area: 536 m2/g (agglomerate)

BET Pore volume: 0.25 cm3/g (agglomerate)


Anode and Cathode material development

Thermal management application

Coating and paint applications

Grease and lubricants

Hybrid and composite applications

Microelectronics and electronics

Energy production and storage

Sensor application

Water filtration and contaminant removal

Catalysis industry

Road construction


Solar energy

Ink industry


This product can be dispersed in water, organic solvent, or the desired solvent mixture via one hour of ultra-sonication.

This product can be directly added into a liquid polymer or rubber matrix using a high-speed mixer or high-shear mixer.

For polymer and rubber granules/powder, this product should initially be mixed using a premix belt or mechanical mixer prior to feeding into the extruder hopper.

We will provide further instructions upon request. If you require more info, contact us.