NanoGraphene is pleased to confirm it will change its company name to ‘NG Genius’ – Graphene, changing the world through global collaboration.

NanoGraphene is receiving enquiries of interest and orders of its environmentally friendly graphene from all over the world. At the same time many are contacting NanoGraphene who work in and study the graphene/graphite sector offering suggestions, collaboration, joint ventures and inspired ideas about graphene.

In association with the name change to NG Genius, the company will be launching its ‘NG Idea Lab’.

With many research centres, universities and emerging graphene users now beginning to contact NanoGraphene, a virtual laboratory will be launched which will encourage all to submit the latest uses of graphene and also to highlight the benefits of using graphene. NanoGraphene will confirm in due course a prize or a series of prizes for the best ideas submitted and will be encouraging all who are interested to contact the company.

Early contacts with NanoGraphene have highlighted the environmental benefits of using graphene and the ultimate need for reducing the amount of water, wood and mining going forward just to name a few. NanoGraphene believes that the material graphene has the potential of changing the world.

We will be inviting interested parties to contact the company and the opening of the NG Genius Idea Lab will be announced soon.

For contact purposes:

Peter Nesveda

Vice President International Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations

NanoGraphene Inc.

Melbourne, Australia: +61 412 357 375