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Mapping courses and activities to program and institutional outcomes sounds hard at first. It doesn't have to be.

About AI Mosaic

Once upon a time, faculty and administrators were faced with the daunting task of preparing for accreditation. They dreaded the experience.

Today, accreditation is a fun and rewarding process (really!), where faculty and administrators have the chance to "step back" and ask "what am I really here for? And how does my work connect to others within my institution? How does my work align to the vision and aspirations for this school, and my career?"

AI Mosaic erases drudgery and complexity so that your accreditation process is easy, fun, inspiring, and successful.


The team was particularly impressed with the Curriculum Mapping Initiative, by which the faculty and deans track the extent to which each program reinforces the institution’s Core Learning Competencies, a potentially exemplary process. Overall, the team was impressed with the consistently high levels of informed faculty engagement with all aspects of assessment, particularly the use of assessment information to improve student learning.


President of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Assessment is part and parcel of the teaching/learning process. Explicit goals—written and widely shared—specifying what students are expected to know, form the basis for assessment. Learning goals establish the foundation for aligning curricula, teaching, and assessment.
Association of American Colleges and Universities

Association of American Colleges and Universities

During the team's visit to the School of Nursing...they were extremely pleased with how the School of Nursing has integrated the QSEN standards into the clinical evaluations and course assignments.
Arlene Sargent

Arlene Sargent

Associate Dean of Nursing, Samuel Merritt University